Emile et Ida

Emile et Ida is a refreshing, refined collection for girls and boys aged between 3 months and 14 years. In it, you'll find a creative, playful and charmingly soft collection, with deliciously retro basics, inspired by folk, rock and romantic trends. The designs are simple and comfortable, the colors are always subtle, at times muted, or sparkling. Details are valuable, the fabrics are soft and natural, and the patterns are always full of humor. An elegant collection without ceremony and suited to the lives of busy kids, whether they be having a snack, on holiday, weekends, happy moments or on the playground. Comfort and quality of materials is always the top priority.

All of the collections are made with care and quality within factories respecting the European social and environmental regulations. The factories respect the REACH norm. 90% of the products are made in Portugal, a country historically with great knowledge in textile, and in particular with knitwear. 
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"Je Suis Trop Chouette" Tee Shirt Quick shop
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"Je Suis Trop Couette" Sweatshirt Quick shop
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Emile et Ida


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Lurex Striped Dress Quick shop
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Lurex Striped Skirt Quick shop
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Cat Pencil Case Quick shop